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Chantry Island Tours is operated with over 125 volunteers, whose jobs include island housekeepers, gardeners, tour boat captains, crew and tour guides, and gift shop sales and service personnel. Volunteers also install the portable walkways and docks every spring and remove them every fall. To date, there have been over 20,538 visitors to the island.

Marine Heritage Society - Jane Kramer

Jane Kramer speaks about growing up in Southampton, ON and how she contributed towards the restoration of Chantry Island.

Marine Heritage Society - Mike Sterling

Mike Sterling speaks about his contribution towards the Marine Heritage Society.

Marine Heritage Society - Bob Trelford

Bob Trelford Speaks about the restoration of Chantry Island and the Marine Heritage Society.

Volunteer Celebration

Attention all Marine Heritage & Propellor Club Volunteers.

We are trying to create an email list of all volunteers as we are planning an event to Celebrate our 20th season of Tours to Chantry Island. The Celebration will be in 2021 so please send us and email with a story or memory of your volunteer effort with us.

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