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Marine Heritage Volunteers Work on Dock Lift

A group of Marine Heritage Volunteers helping offload the metal walkways from Chantry Island Saturday October 8.

Date Posted: 2016-10-08

Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage Looking Great Again

The keeper’s cottage has had it’s white washing completed under the supervision 
of Mike Sterling. Mike worked with our two students for weeks with the lime, rock salt and water to gain the correct consistency for the whitewash to stick and protect. 
Matt and Sebastion worked for hours and hours, day over day to get this done.
 The final result producing a clean, white authentic looking stone cottage 
just the way the Light House Keepers would have liked and kept it.

Date Posted: 2016-09-30

Storm Signals Flying High Again

Storm signals in Pioneer Park have been raised and are flying as they once were so many years ago. This set up indicates a gale from west. Much appreciation and thanks goes the volunteers and to Tom Stewart Jr. who supplied the bucket truck and his time at no charge to help this happen.

Date Posted: 2016-09-30

A Night Alone on Chantry Island

Recently, August 31 the President of the Bluewater Astronomical Society spent a night camped out on Chantry Island.
The purpose was to photograph the full moon with a celestial background and include Chantry Island Lighthouse Tower. Thanks to Captain John Willetts and Mark Clarke despite high seas the mission was accomplished. The photos have proven to be magnificent and will be a valuable asset to our organization. Thank you John Hlynialuk, Bluewater Astronomical Society.

Date Posted: 2016-09-30

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